City of Philadelphia
Legislative File ID   110384
Type:   Bill    Status:   ENACTED
Authorizing the Commissioner of Public Property to convey, on behalf of the City, 405 Manton Street, 407 Manton Street, 409 Manton Street, 411 Manton Street, 413 Manton Street, 2042 Martha Street, 2457-59 Martha Street, 2105 East Hagert Street, 2106 East Cumberland Street, 2107 East Hagert Street, 2109 East Hagert Street, 2223 Blair Street, 2345 East Cumberland Street for fair market value, all under certain terms and conditions.
Controlling Body:   Committee on Public Property and Public Works
Introduced:   5/12/2011    Version:   0
Final Action:   6/16/2011    Contact:  
Councilmember DiCicco
Next Meeting:  
Legislative History
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