City of Philadelphia
Legislative File ID   110536
Type:   Resolution    Status:   ADOPTED
Condemning the City of Philadelphia's agreement with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to allow immediate access to arrest information, and urging the City to discontinue that agreement with ICE when it expires August 31, 2011 as well as any other involvement in the Secure Communities program or additional data-sharing agreements with ICE.
Controlling Body:   CITY COUNCIL
Introduced:   6/23/2011    Version:   0
Final Action:   6/23/2011    Contact:  
Councilmember Kenney, Councilmember Sanchez, Councilmember Green, Councilmember Greenlee, Councilmember Tasco, Councilmember Goode, Councilmember Miller, Councilmember Blackwell, Councilmember Clarke, Councilmember DiCicco, Councilmember Reynolds Brown
Next Meeting:  

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